It’s summer.

And even though I have absolutely nothing to do, I feel as if I have no time for most things. I did pretty well in my classes. I’m happy. My friends are home from school. Hooray. I’m getting plenty of sleep. I’m reading. Listening to a fair amount of music (like that’s ever NOT the case). I’m happy. I have yet to decide where I’m going to school in the fall, but the mountains have been sounding more attractive than the beach lately. I don’t feel much pressure to make that decision quickly. I’m happy. And I would like for things to stay that way.


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  1. Dámaris
    May 17, 2010 @ 11:05:21

    Amanda! How are you? I miss you! Good thing I remembered this page! Was looking for you on fb and couldn’t find you. You’re not around anymore!? I NEED to spk wt you. News news news ;) Hope you get back at me soon, send me your e-mail or something so we can catch up. Maybe we could spk on skype?? Much love. xox

    ps. You’re good at writing ;)


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