There’s Sand on My Feet

Today I got to go to the beach. The sand was black. The waves big enough that surfers had already claimed most of the water before we even got there…around 10 a.m. They had their Volkswagen vans parked along the edge of the road, and their wetsuits zipped up to their chins. The water wasn’t that cold, so I spent some of my time swimming toward the shore with the waves on my back. The sun refused to shine, but apparently it’ll take more than that and spf 50 to keep my cheeks from turning a little pink.


After we drove back through the hills to my home, I ate lunch and crashed. After sleeping for a little bit, I got to talk to my parents on Skype for not long enough, and then I was off to jòvenes (the youth group). My mind is tired from so much Spanish, and my body is tired from so much activity today. The walking and the swimming is good though. I will (hopefully) sleep well tonight.

I do very much enjoy it here, but I miss being able to understand everything everyone says around me. The ability to effectively communicate through language at…almost all times will be something I will enjoy when I return to the states. But for now, I must learn this language. Learn this culture. Learn this life. For some reason I was put here. Why? And why now? I have no clue.

Buenas noches


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SGRWebster
    Sep 26, 2009 @ 23:00:00

    love the layout. love the pictures. Vaya can Dios.


  2. Kaitlyn
    Oct 06, 2009 @ 08:43:04

    Amanda! This is so cool! I love the pictures and you’re such a great writer. I hope you’re doing well! Does anyone there speak English?! I hope so for your sake, although if not you’ll def be fluent when you return! =)


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